[xReg] Demacia Yi (Wingless Version inside)

[xReg] Demacia Yi (Wingless Version inside)

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Hi so I finally made another skin after my Red Blast Ezreal and here is it. Yi with demacia themed colors and garens sword AND a version where the wings are deleted. I want to thank Hound of Anwnn for helping me with the model changes since I didn't get it and yeah...enjoy it.And I have to excuse me for the missing loading screen but I was way too busy at the last past weeks and after a few tries I gave up on this...but im still working on it.

You will find 3 things in the zip: 1.) A folder called Demacia Yi where the .skn and .skl with the wings is in 2.) A folder called Demacia Yi (wingless) where the .skn and the .skl without the wings are inside and 3.) The .dds for the skin

And again enjoy it, rate it, and comment please

If you don't like it please tell me too :P

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