Everoth, The Armored Bear

Everoth, The Armored Bear

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Or Armored Bear Mordekaiser for those who find that an easier title.

Original models and textures property of RIOT Games and Blizzard Entertainment, combined and modified by ChiZ.
Original champion background art by RIOT Games, modified by ChiZ.

New Textures, Icons, Particles, Artwork and Modeling work by ChiZ.

This was requested by Everoth in the Leaguecraft skin suggestions:

This custom skin mod contains:
-Custom model
-New Textures
-New Icons
-New Particles
-New Champion Artwork
-Modified Animations

For some reason, custom models for Mordekaiser are scaled down about 25%. I've included an optional size fix for those who are too bothered by it. However, please refer to the readme for installation instructions, as it requires backing up and editing of the HeroPak, which can cause patches to fail when they are released.

For In-game examples of the skin variations:

Youtube preview video of the skin available here:

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