Gangster Renekton *Update*

Gangster Renekton *Update*

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This is a reskin of the Outback Renekton Skin, i liked the concept of the
"Gangster Renekton" and that skin was just perfect for the idea. A more detailed description
can be found right below.
If you encounter any problems plz comment:)
Hope you like it,

I added some needed particles and made some fixes to the skin itself

Plz download and rate,
and comment if possible
If any1 has any ideas or corrections to make the skin better plz post:D
Also I'd be glad if an1 could send me some ingame pics of skin so as to include them in the description
coz I dont have Renekton ingame:P

To install place the "Renekton" folder from the .rar file into LeagueofLegends/Game/Data/Characters and ur done

To install the particles place the Particles folder in the Gangster Renekton.rar file into the
LeagueofLegends/Game/Data/ folder

The main changes are
1. Renekton got civilized:P
2. I changed his "crappy" clothes with a black suit
3. Changed the blade's colors in black and red (with some blood stains on it) and
painted the clips silver
4. I also colored a lot of details gold (teeth, nails, these thingies on his back:P,
two of the claws on his feet) and added some golden rings on his hands
5. Colored the hat black and blue and removed the claws
6. Remade the belt (added clips, made it black)
7. Turned the blade on his belt gold with some blood stains on it
8. Changed the loadscreen so it looks like the skin and also changed the backround

Plz also check my "White Avenger Lee Sin" skin
thx for reading

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