Spectral Karthus ( 2 skins)

Spectral Karthus ( 2 skins)

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Yeah... I realize someone already did a blue karthus but lol. For some stupid reason i couldn't do the defile. And no one can do the requiem anyways. All i have is his lay waste,wall of pain, and his basic attack :(. Sorry guys. Oh and the 2 skins, one is normal and one is by kasa. Even tho it looks a little different i believe its by him i'm not quite sure. But have fun. Any ideas on how to improve it are welcome :D. BTW I don't like criticism. lol. Whats the point of making fun of people stuff if you don't even have to comment or download it? Even thought I have a lot of skins. I still really suck at this. Sorry guys. I cant do anything you guys like :(. Once more thing lol, when I talked about this might being kasa's skin. It probably isn't because I just mixed his grim reaper skin and normal skin and it came out looking like kasa's skin. And I did't want him mad at me. Lol so I gave him credit If it is. xD. Have fun!

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