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29-05-2011: It has come to my attention how to fix issues with this skin with regards to the new RAF format:

- delete 3 files from the Shen directory which are: "shen.inibin", "shen.wgt" and from the animation folder the 0 byte .obj file called "Shen_ShadowDash.anm.obj".
- rename the "Animations.ini" to "Animation.list" before importing using RAF Manager

Tron Shen is a custom modification for the character Shen, the Eye of Twilight from the computer game League of Legends. The mod is inspired by the film Tron Legacy and the video game counterpart, Tron Evolution.

All images, effects, models, and skins associated with Shen have been modified for this total conversion.

Check the included Readme for detailed installation instructions.

Credits & sources:
Tron film and game by Disney
Original game character by Riot Games
3D render references:
Tron disc used in texture by flukeusix
Riot File Translator plug-in for Maya by ThiSpawn
Background references:


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