Taric of the 5th Age ReModel

Taric of the 5th Age ReModel

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IMPORTANT: You don't need to buy the skin from Riots shop. You just need the Champion.
The title refers to the model with belt/without cape that I used as a basis.

This is a remodel of Taric's 5th age skin.

-Replacement of the hammer with a longsword
-New hairstyle (unfortunatly I can't remove the animation bone in his hair since I use blender so it still looks a bit weird but less like a dead raccoon than before)
-Slight changes to the shield and the face (jawline & eyes)
-Removal of his shoulder crystals and particles

The model works with every texture (.dds) that is based on the 5th age model. It doesn't work with his basic theme (blue) or emerald Taric.
The texture included is the basic 5th age texture (included only to save you the time to copy it yourself).
A very good texture is the one created by excise: http://leaguecraft.com/skins/782-excise-black-blessed-gem-knight-taric-reskin.xhtml
I recommend downloading it. The right picture in the example image shows the model with this texture (I only changed the crystal color from green to red).
To install it simply replace the GemKnight.dds in DATA/Characters/GemKnight.

Unzip the DATA2.zip
Copy the folder into your Riot Games/League of Legends/game folder and chose to include/merge the folders.
I have of course tested this several times but that doesn't mean it is guaranteed to work.
I recommend testing the skin in a custom game first.
If you notice any bugs/clipping please contact me.

I will release a better version when I find the time to look into the skeleton modelling and mapping. Right now this is only an altered version of original skin and the hidden vertices inside his body are very bad style. I just wanted those crystals gone asap :)

Added DATA2.zip.
This contains an alternate version (not shown on the preview image).
It features a flatter, more angular shield (I feel like the first version looks too oval from the side) and a ~10% bigger sword.
The only thing different from DATA.zip is the .skn file.
I plan to change the cross-guard of the sword as well - it really looks too pointy. I'll see what can be done with the limited vertices I have.

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