{Requested}Blue Eyes White Dragon reModel

{Requested}Blue Eyes White Dragon reModel

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So there was a Funny Skin suggestion and As A yu-Gi-Oh freak i couldnt resist it..Awsome Zerox Had a Model and Textures(As Always)So i got to work..It was pretty Tricky but after some Hurs of testing and redoning i made it..But i say that cho Was walking and Very Badly..So i have A Neat idea "Why make him run,If i can make him Fly!" so i made From scratch a Brand New Walk animation And Yea He actually Flyies!sO i SUmmon Blue Eyes White Dragon!! Enjo.0y!!

Costum Run_anImation
Square & Circle icons
Splash art and Air files
Costum Spell Icons

Gretits To zerox again for the model and The base Textures..Textures are redone By SizorBlade...
For a HD Preview Go here http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/1835/20109063.jpg

How to install Open the Rar and Then Open The Zip...Open the GreenTerror folder and copy paste its content to c:/Riot Games/League Of Lengeds/

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