[Chronalgia] No More Pink Annie

[Chronalgia] No More Pink Annie

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...Because the purple dress and pink hair made my eyes bleed.

I got tired of "Pink & Purple Pretty Punk Princess" Annie within' 5 minutes of first playing her.
I figured she was as good a Champ as any to do my first skin on.
She now has brownish-red hair and a blue dress with a white sahs, buttons and embroidery.
Her skull earrings actually look like skulls now instead of purple plastic baubles.
I also changed her legwarmers to match their stripey appearance in the original load screen art.

Includes a load screen, square and circle portraits and a new spell/buff icon for "Brilliance" because you could see her purple sleeve in the old one.
Make sure to back up your air files if you want to delete this later on.

This is my first skin and post so be gentle with me please! ^^
Any feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated, just keep in mind I threw this together in a few hours and it's my first go.

Enjoy. :D

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