[Crestfall] Raven LeBlanc

[Crestfall] Raven LeBlanc

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===UPDATE 1.1!==== The skin has been fixed. I've also improved the artwork a bit.
Installation: Drop contents of RAF folder into RAFManager (select bottom option on prompt). The contents of the air folder go in League of Legends\League of Legends\rads\projects\lol_air_client\releases\0.0.0.(whatever number)\deploy\assets\images\champions.

After working on this for several weeks, I've finally gotten this skin where I wanted it to be.
Apart from the changes visible in the picture, I've also modified her mirror image to fit. I've added in a few files for those that requested other hair colors and the ability to not wear shoulderpads.
To change between wearing shoulderpads or not, replace LeBlanc.skn with Leblanc No Shoulderpads.skn.
The hair grays provided should replace LeBlanc_Base_TX_CM.dds if you want to use them. I apologize for not coming up with more actual colors, but after an hour of trial and error I reached the conclusion that these were the only alternative versions that looked decent.

Installation: Unarchive in your League of Legends, override if asked to. Remember to back up your Air folder if you want to uninstall the skin later on.

Known issues: The no shoulderpads version might have some slightly odd shoulder animations, but they shouldn't be world-breaking. Both versions have minor clipping.

Trivia: In the original model, her belts aren't actually connected.

Credits: The weapon design is inspired by Dan Scott's Chaos Axe. The shoulderpads are an imitation of daarken's (daarken.deviantart.com) shoulderpads from his Dread Warlock piece. I'd also like to thank Vampyroteuthis for technical support and the many people who commented on the WIP thread with suggestions.

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