[Kiss] PentaNunu with Particles

[Kiss] PentaNunu with Particles

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**Update** A video preview is now available!
Please check out our new MOBA blog -- The M!

Link to blog and video: http://1h3m.blogspot.com/2012/03/custom-skin-spotlight-2.html
Watch in HD and change to full screen for best viewing results :)

*Minor Update* His AoE ult outline IS visible in game now, the screenshots just don't show it. I may take new ones soon, but if you read the info before you dl the skin, you should know it's working now anyway. xD

It wasn't really a request but I felt like doing a skin for one of my newer friends who's kind of new to LoL, doesn't have a lot of ip so I decided to do a skin for a cheap char that I KNOW he has :P

Name changed to "Penta" Nunu (thanks to ZweiPhantom). Based on the comments I went and read up more about the pentagram symbol and from what I can see, yes, my way is a protection against evil and it should thereby be inverted, but also reading further I've found that there are some who DO see the regular pentagram as also being a symbol of evil. So I guess it really depends on your view of it. A name change will remove any possible arguments.

Particles included!
~ Ice Blast (Cast and on-hit effect)
~ Absolute Zero (Cast and explosion)

As always, if any comments or suggestions, feel free :D

****Warning**** Some of the particles also overlap with quite a range of other champs (Ashe, Anivia, Taric, Soraka, etc). So if you have particles for those other champs, you will need to choose between which ones you want because, unfortunately, they won't work together. :(

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