Paragon Tristana Pack (Updated 16/5/2010)

Paragon Tristana Pack (Updated 16/5/2010)

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This pack includes:

-Paragon Tristana skin (Replaces default).
-Resurrected Paragon Tristana (Replaces 'Riot Girl' skin).
-Custom loading screen images.
-Custom champion screen images.
-Custom in game interface images.
-Custom spell icons.


1. Extract both the 'Client' and 'InGame' .zip files to 'C:\Riot Games\League of Legends'
2. Launch League of Legends and play!

(If you don't want some features, you can unzip the files elsewhere and manually copy the files you want to their correct folders. Most of the files are self explanatory. Everything in the '' only effects the client images. If you don't want the in game interface features, delete the 'Info' folder in 'Champions/Tristana' and the 'Spells' folder



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