Dollface Renekton v2 [oct 26 update]

Dollface Renekton v2 [oct 26 update]

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The Fall to the Lion
Renekton was a fly in the ointment. All of the glorious works of the Void lion were being unraveled by this wild animal lashing out at anything and everything. while this, in particular, isn't uncommon and the Void lion usually can snuff the will to fight out of the irritants responsible... Renekton was terribly different. In perspective; a whirling ball of rage and bloodlust could be seen as but a tear in the tapestry our lord the Void lion has created. Renekton was more akin to a black hole, a wild dog setting upon fabric and bursting the delicate seams.

This could not be tolerated. But it could... no, [i]should[/i] not be stifled either. So the Lion Cheerfully selected the next to fall. In his defense, Renekton was probably too blinded by emotion to even notice the threads enshrouding his shadow and the first sting of the ethereal needles most likely went unnoticed.

It wasn't until the bronze first met his spine, that Renekton focused his fury to his present danger. Wildly he swung his massive weapon at his invisible foe severing many threads that had begun to bind him. He Howled in a mixture of agony and excitement as the remaining threads pulled taunt. Renekton snapped his jaws any and every direction his half crippled body would allow, and through the sheer chaos of his writhing, managing to catch the paw of the void lion. Invigorated by the contact Renekton shook his body free of the strings and pulled his weapon around to make a final blow of the invading force attacking him.

A cacophony of hyena-like laughter filled the sewer where Renekton stood unmoving. It was too late. The spine had been taken, and the Void lion had won. Oh so carefully, the Lion sewed the mask upon the now docile Renekton. Then leaned in and whispered the secrets and plans of his work of art, before setting him back to ravaging the land once more.

contains new versions of:
1 skin
1 set of icons/minimap
1 set of air files
1 set of particles
1 loading screen

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