Arcade Caitlyn(still working on this!)

Arcade Caitlyn(still working on this!)

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EDIT 6: shit! it deleted parts of it and i forgot to keep that in my clipboard xD anyways, it should be more clean now, and if have time, please let me know how u feel about this skin, whether it be good, bad, neutral or other, and what i can to do improve! im gonna make some more skins soon that have been requested, but im still workin on this and i guess i should also finish the noc skin xD

EDIT 5: im removing the files for a few minutes, and will add them soon! also it should no longer ask for file locations when u add it(it asked whether to add to \something\caitlyn\something or \something\caitlyntrap\something). also updated the siupreview.jpg to match her e slow lines cuz i like it better than the ult thing. also the arrow indicator or whatever its called replaces the arrows for nauts ult, so if u dont want that, dont include it ;)

EDIT 4: ok i stopped working on this, but im back to working on it. new particles for the slow lines, more pixely. im working on a new version, and am still looking for the q particles. im removing some useless files, and keeping both slow lines so u can choose the one u want. one is the original but colored, the other is all pixely!(i think i said that lol) enjoy!

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