Plants Vs Zombies SuperPack!

Plants Vs Zombies SuperPack!

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So Plants Vs Zombies Join The League By Sending CrAzy Dave and His andi-Zombie plants of him To fight as Heimer! A skin Suggestion Was made for this...An Again It came True!Gretits for the Original Dave Model and Textures Goes To ZeroX!Gretis for the Plant 1-2Lvl Model Goes To Cedrac!..I Know some ppl complained That i leave My skins Incomplete So This Time I have Done Everything!It really took me lot of time to make all thease so Plz Not Idiotic/Trolling Comments...

Dave(Model and textures By Zerox.LoLable By sizorblade)
Plant Lvl 1-2(Model By Cedrac.Texture and lolable By SizorBlade)
Plant Lvl 3+Frost(Model Textures And lolable By sizorblade(cedracs model as base))
Cherry grenade,Chilly missles AutoAttack(All By sizorBlade)
Air files & Loadscreen(By sizorblade)

So smart Riot had a Character Folder For Every Turrent But For Ulti On Ones The UltiOpen Turrents Will Be Always LvL 3 Frost textures Ones/...Crazy's Dave Main Idle Animation is Dancing!!!


Powered By Nescafe!And Trident Gums...Without them I wouldnt have finish This :)

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