Katarina, Noxian Princess [v.3 - UPDATE]

Katarina, Noxian Princess [v.3 - UPDATE]

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So, this is version 3 of my Kat skin; bear with me, now.

1) Why did I make it?

Well, I saw the cool loadscreen of Kat's upcoming High Noxus Command skin and thought 'man, that looks so sweet, I'm playing Kat again' but then I used it in-game and thought 'man, how wrong can you be about something'. Long story short - the skin sucked. She was like a cheap hooker without money for a decent hairdresser & clothes.

2) What did I make?

Originally, I made one skin and thought it was pretty awesome but then I thought 'you know what'd be awesome? if you could switch schemes whenever you felt like it'. So that's what I added - two new schemes.

Blond Kat(original)
+blond hair
+better looking green eyes
+red blouse/short jeans color

Brunette Kat(second idea)
+brunette hair
+blue eyes
+blue jewels
+blue blouse/short jeans

Dark Kat(final idea)
+dark black hair
+brown eyes
+brown blouse/short jeans


Original Kat(Riot's idea; what they WANTED to do)
+pink/purple hair(not kat's original red hair)
+matching blouse/short jeans
+stronger jade green eyes

3) What didn't I make?

-Loadscreens & in-game icon stuff; personally, I prefer to keep those original, especially the loadscreen; makes people who really have a skin easier to spot;
-Particles; simply because I like Kat's particles; nothing wrong with a deadly purple;

4) Enjoy & comment & give suggestions at will. Later. :]


The original was called "'the' Noxian Princess", but I remembered a phrase I really liked from a movie: "drop the 'the', just ________ - sounds cleaner that way" ;) bonus points for whoever can guess the movie :D

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