Yozora presents: Marisa Kirisame [touhou project]

Yozora presents: Marisa Kirisame [touhou project]

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added better texture!
for the new preview pls clear your cache
darker marisa skin (now she shouldnt be that shiny anymore)
for the ingame picture:
dds file modified by ChiZ (just the brigthness problem)
+ skn and skl files from my game folder may that helps?

As I promised here is my Marisa Kirisame Skin, and it took rly long to do it >.>
thx to Vampyroteuthis 4 fixing a bug xD.

whatever less blabla

the skin includes:
- marisa kirisame preview as a .png file (+old version + ingame picture with the newest texture)
- changed air files (+background for default skin)
- new model (.skn file incl .skl file)
- new texture (+old texture + shiny one)
- loadscreen
- ingame pictures (circle and square)

----> special features:
- pink panties
- 3dimensional stars and ribbon

artwork by sayori neko works: http://sayori.sabori.com/

bug or feature?: she never drops her broom

and don't forget: feel free to comment it =D and vote excellent :P because marisa is cuter than lux xD
and because she's so cute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA3RyvRiyes

PS buggy votes x_X?

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