REAL Druid Udyr turns into REAL animals

REAL Druid Udyr turns into REAL animals

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First I have to say, that this is a kind of skin collection and not everything is by me.
By me:
-Rammus remodel and retexture
-resize of all models
-data management and collection
-minor changes on the Cougar model

By others:
- Tiger texture for the Cougar (SwedishFreak)
- Anivia texture (Mah Boi)
- A lot of models and textures (Riot) XD

Unfortunatly there are a few bugs, I can't remove at the moment:
-speed of run-animations (some move faster/slower than the really go)
-Fire particles of phönix go to the side
-the red stun-glows of the bear are at his feet lol
-the resize made some models not fitting well to the skeleton and animations, so for example bear moves a little bit weird

Last, but not least have fun with this!

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