Dollface Renekton [oct 26 update]

Dollface Renekton [oct 26 update]

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so Christipho asked me for help on making armor from nothing, and after a while of back and forth conversation it became apparent that it would just be for the best if i took a swing at it. it wasn't until this point that i even knew what skin he was working on. he sends me his files and i casually went to work. one thing led to another, and another and before i knew it i had stitched a doll mask on Chris's Ren which is here:

later the next day i had already made a splash art and icons, and was like "whoops. how the hell did this happen? i was working on my comic and graphic novel"

but here we are:

1 skin
1 set of icons/minimap
1 set of air files
1 set of particles
1 loading screen

a new feature:
"the Fall to the lion" can be read here:

particles can be seen in action here:

thanks Christipho for working on this skin with me!

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