[Crestfall] Raven Vladimir

[Crestfall] Raven Vladimir

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The years haven't been kind to Vladimir. Nerf after nerf, he began to feel older and nowadays, he has the face of an old wizard, and the beard to match. A monocle, too.

I used the Marquis skin as a base. This isn't as much of a remodel as it is a retexture (since I was quite fond of the clothing from the start). I changed the coat's length, added in the beard as a part of the mesh and the monocle. Adding in the extra decorations was a bit of a challenge, but I believe I've managed to save the back of his cape from looking dull.

Installation: Unarchive into your League of Legends folder, override. Backup your Air folder if you wish to be able to uninstall.

Issues: Nothing major.

Trivia: Have you ever wondered how Vladimir can use Transfusion on Blitzcrank?

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