Rayd and Preon

Rayd and Preon

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so ive been doing a skin on malph and its been in the WIP section for a while now.
it then ended up as two skins.

as for the name explenations "Rayd" comes from raid wich happens to be an insect spray and the skin is colored like a wasp so yea "insects" ftw

"Preon" comes from a megaman game(forgot which one) where they are frequent enemies, and Ive always thought it was a cool name... so yea lol

anyways these skins feature:
-the texture (durr)
-icons (i made them pretty just for you)
-particles ( i wont show em, but trust me these particles are revolutionary when it comes to malph expect the unexpected!)
-load screen
-original art
-air files ( if you really want to spice things up!)
go take a look

check the topic on the WIP forums for more clearer views and what not(yes go on the forums and lurk it, lots of awesome stuff in there!)

anyways credits to the denizens here at leguecraft for the awesome advice / help
special thanks to Christopho and LiquidMotion (your 2 man thread saved me from giving up on malphs particles!)

have an awesome day and make sure you enjoy!

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