Daedric Nasus

Daedric Nasus

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Daedric Nasus by Bob.

This is my first ever skin in League of Legends, so be a little constructive with criticism and don't just say it sucks, please. I've re-textured the regular skin, and given a new texture to both his ult and spirit fire, as well as a sort of re-done load screen (I got kind of burned out at the time I was making the load screen, you'll probably be able to tell, lol). But anyways, there are five files.

Nasus.dds and NasusLoadScreen.dds should go into Characters.
ammon_godofdeath.dds, nassus_ghost.dds, and scorched_earth_01_purp.dds should go into Particles.

Just in case anyone needs to know. If you don't understand what that means, you should go onto Youtube and find out. I assume you know enough if you're downloading this in the first place, lol. But yeah, enjoy it, I certainly do.

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