[ESC] ~ Polish Winged Hussar ~

[ESC] ~ Polish Winged Hussar ~

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Just a recolor of a Riot skin. This is the "Winged version" of my Polish Wingless Hussar ^^
I just thought that Riot version looks a bit crappy - Yellowish boots and Wings, blue pants - bleh. + added armoured gloves and Polish flag with our coat of arms => Just because we love our White Eagle ^^.
This is the Polish Winged Hussar because the only real Hussar is the Polish one!

This skin gives you + 10 to awesomeness while playing Zao and +20 if you are a Pole.


BTW - If you do not know anything about Polish Winged Hussars - just read this article: http://www.badassoftheweek.com/hussars.html It's pretty damn badass.

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