[Crestfall] Raven Annie 1.2

[Crestfall] Raven Annie 1.2

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Annie, upon discovering a magnificent tome in a secret chest Ryze had left behind, decided to study it in order to further her dark powers. Something she didn't expect happened: After spending many an hour studying the Void and its denizens, the Void itself tainted her powers; her spells now share both the element of fire and that of shadow. Tibbers was also affected by this change, and his bond to Annie slowly shifted from the small toy to the strange tome, which Annie now carries with her wherever she goes. To further understand its secrets without being influenced by the Void any further, she has sought the aid of scholars all throughout Runeterra. Recent rumors tell of her consorting with Noxian magicians, outside of the Gray Order's or the Noxian High Command's knowledge.

Trivia: Annie's arms aren't actually connected to her body in the original model.

Issues: Particles may affect other characters. Unnoticeable clipping on spellcasts.

Changed: Model, texture, particles, spell icons.

Installation: Unarchive in your League of Legends folder (typical path should be similar to C:\Program Files\Riot Games\League of Legends), override if asked. Backup your Air folder if you want to be able to uninstall at a later date.

1.1: Following feedback, I've decided to change some of Annie's proportions. The new model should feel more natural.
1.2: Additional changes to proportions; face texture improved. Art remade and improved. Alternate hair color pack added; follow the readme in the additional .rar to install an alternate hair color. .skl file included in the download to override previously installed skins.

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