[V] - Nasus. King of Ancient Guardians.

[V] - Nasus. King of Ancient Guardians.

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[Edit: 31.01.2011]

I reduced the contrast on the Green parts as it seemed to be the thing that people didn't like about it. Also, I removed the bandage on his face and enlightened his skin a bit :D.

Added also the Fury of the Sands skin, I'll have to once again give credit to MMKH for an amazing original job ;).


I'll start out by giving credit to both MMKH and Excise, creators of two great Nasus skins, which I fused together, and came out with this ^^.

I took care of every little detail I could. I kept the green weapon because I feel its Nasus' gimmick, so I didn't like the idea of turning it gold, plus it being green it gave the model more overall contrast and color. I also added lots of Lights and Shadows all over his body, armor and weapon.

I'm actually working on the Fury of the Sands skin, so hopefully it'll come out soon!.

Hope u like it, Rate and Comment pls! .

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