[Crestfall] Raven Caitlyn 2.0

[Crestfall] Raven Caitlyn 2.0

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I was very excited about Caitlyn when she was announced, but I found that she was very different from my vision of a sniper.
Featuring a redesigned rifle, new clothing and a new hair dye, Raven Caitlyn is now available!

Issues: The /joke animation will not work properly. Some clipping.

Installation: Unarchive Crestfall's Raven Caitlyn 2.0.rar to your League of Legends folder. Override. You can use the original skin if you liked it better; it's still included in the download. If you want to keep the fixes from the update, replace the Caitlyn.skn from Crestfall's Raven Caitlyn.rar with the CaitlynNoHat.skn from Crestfall's Raven Caitlyn 2.0.rar. The .dds files are also interchangeable if you do use the NoHat version.

Trivia: Caitlyn is probably the most complex hero in the game so far. Her original rifle has a large amount of hidden parts that are only used in animations.

------ UPDATE 2.0 ------
Added an officer's hat. Skin tone altered slightly, some changes made to outfit. Sniper rifle's model altered in size.
Skill animations now work properly. The targeting for Q has also been fixed. Also included a model file for those who don't want to use the hat. (CaitlynNoHat.skn) Replace Caitlyn.skn with this file if you want to use that version. For those of you who liked her older colors better, you can use the .dds from the original skin (which is included in the download) instead of the one provided in the update and it should work without any problems.
Artwork has been remade.

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