[Crestfall] Raven Evelynn

[Crestfall] Raven Evelynn

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After many evenings and half a bottle of wine, I've finally completed my newest skin: Raven Evelynn!
The skin is half inspired from Assassin's Creed and half from my usual touch. Evelynn now sports a hidden blade (which is never hidden nor used) and a knife safely tied to her leg (which she will also never actually use). The back of her dress is split in two but maintains Riot's original style; her hair is now a normal type but I kept two of the roses, which now come in dark red.
She also has runes, crosses and tattoos here and there.

Credits: For this particular skin, I'd like to thank the people that kept requesting Evelynn in my other skin release threads (you know who you are). This one's for you!

Trivia: The back of Evelynn's ears lacks any detail whatsoever in Riot's skins, as it is covered entirely by her original hair.

To sum up, I hope you enjoy this skin. I ran across quite a number of both creative and technical difficulties while making it, but I gave it my best.

UPDATE! Please redownload the skin if it appears broken. The new update fixes an issue that the patch caused.

1.1 Update!
The skin was completely broken after a recent patch, since Riot changed Evelynn's animations and base mesh. I matched the old mesh to the new skeleton and rebound her, and she works again. I also edited some minor details on her hair. On the downside, there's a little more clipping than the skin had originally, but that should hopefully not be too much of an issue. Additionally, as per community request, I've made new artwork for her.

The files in the RAF folder are to be used with ItzWarty's RAF Manager.
The folders in the deploy folder go in RADS/Projects/lol_air_client/releases/(whatever version is newest, at the time of release).

NOTE! The site seems to have some trouble putting the lastest .rar up. If the download gives you Crestfall's Raven Evelynn.rar (which is the old archive) instead of the v1.1 one, use this link instead: http://www.mediafire.com/?52o09oga9c4dv8q

YouTube demo of the skin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buaSXypLp5s&feature=player_embedded

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