Death Rune Skarner Update

Death Rune Skarner Update

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Same as the previous Death Rune Skarner, (skip if you're not interested and just download it, but reasons are listed)
but I forgot to add the skin preview and I'm getting an error message when I attempt to edit the last time I uploaded it, so I'm just going to re-upload the original with working images. Last time I uploaded it I used a .dds format for the pictures because I was using and forgot to change the default save, resulting in a failure to upload an image preview so you guys could see what it looked like before downloading it. So now it's fixed, hooray, and if you're still reading this then you're either really committed or have no life, like me. If someone would be nice enough to do a skin/animation preview of their own and send me the images/videos I'd greatly appreciate it. And if you're still reading you can stop now. Go download it, like... seriously stop... There's nothing to see here... it's just a wall of text... nothing more... nothing less...

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