[Crestfall] Raven Tryndamere

[Crestfall] Raven Tryndamere

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- Armor, armor everywhere;
- Crosses, crosses almost everywhere;
- A torn cape!
- Double shoulderpads, longer helmet horns;
- New hair textures!
- His old sword has been replaced by a newer, sleeker one.

Installation: I have not modified the game's artwork or particles for this skin, so it's a two-file download. Extract the archive's contents to your League of Legends folder and overwrite if asked. To uninstall, simply delete your DarkChampion folder from League of Legends/Game/DATA/Characters/.

Known issues: Some clipping exists. As usual, my indication is to live with it.

Trivia: This is one of the very few skins where everything went smoothly during production. The idea to make him look like a battle-hardened general came to mind pretty easily, so I'm quite pleased that it hasn't taken me as long to make as some of my other skins. I also learned some interesting things. Did you know that Tryndamere's hair is split in two, that he has no actual legs and that his game artwork is not 100% accurate for the original model?

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