Geralt of Demacia

Geralt of Demacia

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He had already defeated the necromancer, a type of creature born of the body of a warlock, who in life had been consumed by power and greed.

- Pff, they can pay double what was agreed. They did not mention that there was a damn necromancer in the cave.

Geralt said, his back to the corpse while clearing his sword. When suddenly he heard a strange noise behind him.

- Shit

Later could react, the necromancer, with his last strength, conjured a spell to open an interdimensional gate to drag to Geralt to hell with him.

While traveling the road to hell floating between dimensions drawn by the magician, Geralt envisioned a door. With all his strength came to her getting out. When he landed he looked around him with caution the world where he had fallen. Seemed inhabited and breathable. So he set out trying to find the nearest town, looking for himself in that world was the magical level enough to get him out. This is how "Gwynbleidd", the White Wolf, comes to Valoran.

Geralt managed to find someone who could return him home. But in return asked him to be their champion in a dispute over something called the League of legends. There is more output than what was offered and, like he was not

afraid to fight, he accepted the deal.

Once inside the battlefield he discovered he was not alone, but also he had to fight with 3 other partners. One was Nasus, curator of the sands and other Lux, the Lady of Luminosity.

- Damn it did not mention that I had to fight alongside allies.

But Geralt had not bothered by have to fight with allies, this was the fact of there was an enchantress in the middle which made he felt sick. Geralt always had had problems with enchantress, each time one had passed on his way something was amiss

Later, some witnesses claimed to see you both go to a secluded inn Zaun to celebrate the victory.

Unlike what was thought Geralt spent more time in the league. And not only that he joined the camp under orders Demacia Garen. His character did not match the state of Demacia, but as he said Garen: "Someone has to care of the dirty work." Since then the mysterious monsters Noxus escaped and that they would forever chance to Demacia, started to diminish gradually. Some have seen a silver reflection at night through the streets of the capital.

The questions to his tenure Geralt value were silenced with a dry: "Do not care." In what later would add Lux that when he will return to his world, Geralt would be at the same moment that he left it. And as Geralt got older much slower than other humans, he decided to stay and fight for Demacia. Unofficial versions say Geralt and Lux are sharing more than state and battleground.

Will Geralt glory on the battlefields of the league ?

Will there be problems between Geralt and the others enchantresses in the league ?

I leave those questions to you. Thanks for reading and I hope you like the skin ^ ^.

I redux texture syze because each file size can be no larger than 1.5MB. If you want with bigger texture say me (About 6 Mb of texture, 2.5 Mb compressed).

Here you have the hi res texture:

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