[Crestfall] Raven Soraka

[Crestfall] Raven Soraka

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Well, here it is. I intended to do my standard modifications, but it ended up going a little further than usual.

She now wields a sword-scythe, has white hair (shape has been changed to normal long hair), dark (decorated) clothing, drow skin and glowing eyes.
I have modified most of her particles to fit a light blue theme. The original weapon glow is gone, because it can't be modified to fit the new shape of the weapon. I haven't modified the green healing indicator from Astral Blessing, because I believe it's better for it to remain a distinctive healing representation.
I've also put together some custom artwork based off the model I worked with in Blender. It doesn't match the quality of Riot's artwork, of course, so it's up to you if you put it in or not. For those who don't know, the following files have to do with artwork: a) everything in the Air Folder; b) everything in the info folder; c) the loadscreen.dds from the main Soraka folder. Do not copy these into your game if you do not want them.

Credits go out to CraterOfLaughs for helping me sort out the model's skeleton and to Vampyroteuthis for both his support and ideas he's given me during the making of this skin.

Known issues: Some clipping exists. Additionally, the changes in particles also modify some other characters' particles. The one I know of for sure is Master Yi, but it may affect other characters as well. I cannot fix this, as Riot uses shared particles whenever possible; if you don't want other characters to be affected, do not copy the particles folder.


P.S. I take no responsibility for any possible increase in AD Soraka players...
Just so you know.

Update: 1.1: Scythe retextured. Should look better now. Some clipping issues fixed.
Update: 1.2: Scythe further improved.

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