[Sacrifice] Garen as Ganondorf +particles+loadscre

[Sacrifice] Garen as Ganondorf +particles+loadscre

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here it goes, my fourth skin:

if you like this skin post a comment and vote for it
as this is what tells me that you want more of my skins!

as the zelda series is just magnificent i tried to have a little part of it in lol aswell.
even though this skin took not as much time as the others did i hope you still like it.
and for the smart guys out there: i know theres another ganondorf skin out there but i for myself wasnt satisfied with that one and started to work on my own version.

>>retextured everything
>>added particles
>>added loadscreen
>>added ingame icons

1. download and unpack the rar file using winrar
2. unpack the "Garen" rar file
3. copy/paste the 2 folders into your LeagueOfLegends folder

suggest something good and ill work on it!

hope you like it! (-> vote + comment)

PS: i do rly hope the response (downloads,comments and votes) is a bit better than on my last skin as i wasnt quite satisfied with it. its just a fact that creating skins needs a sh** load of time and im thinking about doing other stuff with this time.

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