Venerable Lich Karthus (remodel)

Venerable Lich Karthus (remodel)

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I quite like Karthus. Spewing magical death all over a fleeing enemy that just did a little dance because he got away with like 200HP? Priceless.
He does however look like a disney-villain, which sucks.
Well not anymore! Here's a true lich, a proper undead wizard, come back from death to kill the living, maim their skulls and perform dark and terrible magic with their innards.
And none of that swamp magic blah blah either.
This Karthus got remodeled in a way I see more fitting for an undead sorcerer - He got a staff now, not one of those pinatá thingies. Also the book got chained to his hip and the lich takes up a proper knife to disembowel sacrifices.
Also there's robes. I went with dark blue but for the sake of some people a red robe is included (even with two different hoods) and you get to choose which one to take, now isn't that nifty?
Features Loadingscreen and Icons.

Now get out there and sow terror under those living breathers.


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Submitted by Vampyroteuthis

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