Warwick, The Battle Lizard

Warwick, The Battle Lizard

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Greetings Summoners,

it's time for another skin! And like the last Amumu-skin, this is NOT made by Lighane but by me, Skeld. So if you flame someone - it's my fault this skins exist *laugh*.

Since magma chamber was announced by Riot and because of my love for old warhammer -figures like the battle-lizards i was wondering if there was a chance to implement such a champion. And here is my Battle Lizard Warwick! I hope he looks even the last bit lizardous - I know I am a no-good-skinner. But it was pretty fun to change him like that.

Whoever likes to have a lizard on his side, just download this skin.

Along with the skin comes (as always) a LoadScreen and ingame square and circle pictures.
Rate, comment and download this skin as you please!

And as I said previously, this is just to shorten the time you wait for another skin by Lighane.
So have fun and see you soon, Summoners!

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Submitted by Skeld

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