Taric : Regem him ! [First skin]

Taric : Regem him ! [First skin]

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Update : I remade many of the recolours to make them more colourful, and I made all the launching screens and in-game pictures !

Have you ever wondered about the fact that Taric speaks about sapphire, ruby, emeralds and so and so, but has only got poor quality crystals on his armor ? That's why I decided to regem our Taric !

If you have some other ideas of gems I could put, post it in the comments !

Features :
-6 gem recolours
-Launching screens
-Square and round pictures

How to install :
-Open the 1.zip for Amethyst, Ametrine and Emerald or the 2.zip for Ruby, Sapphire and Topaze
-Search your favourite colour's folder and open it
-Put the folder "GemKnight" in ".../League of Legends/Game/DATA/Characters". If it doesn't exist, just create it.
-Launch the game :p

For the moment, there will be no in-game view. I'm sorry about that but in fact... I don't owe Taric... They will be there in a couple of victory ^^

Enjoy !

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