Garen - Paladin of Demacia

Garen - Paladin of Demacia

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Ever wanted to see Garen in a thick plate armor?
Well, i did, and since i love the Gothic-Saga fanatically (exept for Arcania...hideous :/ ) i wanted to equip him with a Paladin-Armor out of Gothic II.

It's actually just a little recolor thingy, i removed the belt over his torso so you can see the entire shield and changed the color of his scarf and skirt to red, the color of the rebels in Gothic III.

Im afraid i havent change particles or something like that, but i will try to change that very soon ^^.

If you know the Games and like them, you now have a new weapon to crush the power of beliar and if not... well...shiny-metal-armor-bonus? :D

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