[EXCISE] Cloud Strife Double Pack (KH & FF7)

[EXCISE] Cloud Strife Double Pack (KH  FF7)

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s some of you may know I had put this project on "ICE" for quite some time.
But now I had the time to finish it with a little help of "The God of Rigs" Vampyroteuthis.

At any rate, presenting Cloud Strife in his Kingdom Hearts form.

Enjoy the screenshots and comment + feedback please!

Contained you will find:
-Cloud Strife
-Cloud Strife with wing

!!~!!~Also visit the forums for trouble shoot~!!~!!

Some people WILL have the "Black lines of death" bug, we don't know whats causing this so we CAN NOT resolve this issue as of now.

I included all the nescesary files in the download, if you get the Black Lines bug, there isn't anything we can do about it right now.

Only advice I can give is to make sure you have all the attached files inside your DarkChampion folder--> DarkChampion.dds / DarkChampion.wgt / DarkChampion.skn / DarkChampion.skl/ DarkChampion.sco

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