[EXCISE] WoW it's LoL [LichKing]

[EXCISE] WoW it's LoL [LichKing]

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Greetings Leaguecrafters,

Ever sat there and wondered whether to raid or play a game of LoL? Well, we're here to help you do both with these skins.
For all those who have not been teased, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! (thanks Thomas for the introduction)

This quadruple-release will let you use four of the most notorious beings from the Warcraft universe in the League of Legends.
Since DOTA started all this during WarcraftIII we thought it would be fitting to return the favour.

Contained you will find:

Ashe, the Frost Archer being replaced by Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen of Undercity and the free Scourge of the Horde.

Garen as King Vryn, the lion-and-eagle shouldered ex-gladiator gone king of Stormwind, and protector of the human empire.

For Sivir Alexstrasza takes over, proud Broodmother of the Red Dragonflight, in her more-or-less elvish form (since we weren't able to fit her onto the screen as an epic huge red Dragonqueen.)

Lastly the true scourge also takes to the League, as Mordekaiser makes room for Arthas Menethil, the Lich King himself. Wielding his powerful blade Frostmourne, the icy prince sows terror
----even as far as Runeterra, and woe betide those who stand in the way of his wrath.

List of content:
- Lich King Mordekaiser
- Loadscreens + Particles
- Info Icons

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