[RusselZ rework] - Hatsune Miku Katarina

[RusselZ rework] - Hatsune Miku Katarina

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Another remake of a custom skin I made due to the original champion being reworked and therefore rendering the custom skin unusable.

My previous one was Youmu Konpaku Yi:

Check out my blog, which is like a central hub for all my works
(so far, League of Draven Mod and Youmu Konpaku custom skin as of August 2013)


Also feel free to check out my Youtube video for other stuffs:


This skin is just a rework of someone else's work!

Original Skin created by TruFax
(http://leaguecraft.com/skins/1625-hatsune-miku-for-katarina.xhtml) and re-fix for

(http://leaguecraft.com/skins/5722-fixed-hatsune-miku-for-katarina.xhtml) files. skn /. skl

Katmandum3 particles

Compressed by Omegaxavi (put the files together and helped distribute it)

The skin stopped working (I think due to the Katarina rework), and a few people requested to me to remake it,
so I remade it. That's all I take credit for.

I also take credit for fixing the particle effects, although I used the same leek model. However, the did the
.dds files myself.


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