The Executioner Fiddle Sticks

The Executioner Fiddle Sticks

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Fiddle Sticks makes me think of Halloween. I thought it would be very cool to see a Grim Reaper Fiddle sticks skin, however I had seen that none were made for him yet. I told my friend Crow about this idea, since he always plays Fiddle sticks. He thought it was a great idea. So with that being said, I started working on this skin. This project was mainly to make a custom skin that he would like. It took me about 2-3 days to get it to where it is now. From start to finish. By the time I finished it, Crow thought I should upload it for others to use as well. So I did so. However some icons still show as the normal fiddle icon, such as the one that appears in the lower left hand corner. Sorry but there are so many images for that, so I just didn't resize it and reconvert the image and use them as well. So I hope you guys understand. However this is the skin and the loading screen image. I really hope you guys like this skin...Its the first one I have ever made.

Since I made this skin back in Oct 2010, Riot Games has changed their ways of file management and their program launcher. I was informed that SIU was a good program for using skins and being able to use them. I went and found a So I hope that will help you guys in installing the skin and enjoying it. If you have anymore fed back, please let me know. I want to make more skins in the future but I am limited by time and by the fact I cant find the older files I am use to. When I do find them, I will make more though. Thank you again everyone for your support!

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