Light Bulb / Halloween - Pantheon

Light Bulb / Halloween - Pantheon

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Hey guys :)

This is my first skin ever so i hope you like it..
I wanted to create a skin that is not far away from the original cause i actually like the orange color ;) I just wanted to give Pantheon a more shiny color and the result was a Pantheon skin, which somehow reminds me at a Light Bulb (Shield xD)

Cause most people think of Halloween when they see this skin, (me included though i first didn't thought of a Halloween skin xD) i decided to include some Pumpkins :D

So he got some changes like:
- shiny shield & spear
- red, orange symbol on cape
- red, orange colored skills
- alternative pumpkin buff and/or shield included

Please feel free to comment.. maybe you got good ideas or tips for me :)
PS: new screens are in finally :D
So far... Enjoy ;)

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