[HUD] Ultimate Udyr (4 HUD/KILLS/SKILLS)

[HUD] Ultimate Udyr (4 HUD/KILLS/SKILLS)

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Hi guys !
For my first mod, i just used Udyr's ultimate skin splash art to replace with the old one that looks like crap today.
Also, to make it better, i used the icons you get from the ultimate as abilities, making it whole new !

To install :

- Unzip the rar
- Put the "data" folder in Skin Installer Ultimate and install
- Put the "client" content in the champion folder for the square and abilities folder for the abilities which location is >

League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\ (or newer)\deploy\assets\images\

EDITED : IT SEEMS RIOT LISTENED TO MY IDEA ON THE NA ! (except for the minimap and info..., same goes for the abilities).

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