Anubis the Nasus reskin + particles + icons + load

Anubis the Nasus reskin + particles + icons + load

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Hello, this is my third skin attempt, this time it's Nasus recolor in two versions Blue/golden and Blue/golden with silver features.

There are 2 folders Nasus Blue and Nasus Silver each containing the skin, loadscreen and folder Particles containing the (ulti reskin - Silver And Gold), and

Ingame Screens:

There are screens from 2 games, summer 5v5 with blue skin and winter 5v5 with silver skin.. Also don't mind the chat, they were raging for stupid reasons...

I could't update the whole stupid thing for some reason so I deleted the old skin and i recommend downloading this one.

Feedback is welcome.

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Submitted by Fenhryz

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