Lady Gragas

Lady Gragas

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This is the skin everyone's been clamoring for, the elegant and beautiful Lady Gragas! This skin is themed from the "Bad Romance" video, and has Gragas draped in diamond bracelets, a diamond veil, and even a monster container underneath his arm! He is also anatomically correct...Referring to his tatoo's of course, the lower back tatoo and the tatoo on his inner bicep. The particles are also complete as well, although they dont photograph well, try them out in game! The barrel pieces spell out "I Want Your Lovin" and he loses a few diamonds whenever he crashes into someone in a body slam, among many other changes.

This Skin also contains custom portraits and a custom loading screen (pictured below).


Description of File contents:

The contents of the 'characters' folder should be placed in your riotgames\league of legends\game\data\characters folder if you already use custom skins. if you dont, you can just drop the whole folder into your riotgames\league of legends\game\data folder.

the particles folder can just be put into your riotgames\league of legends\game\data\particles folder. if this folder isnt there, just drop the whole thing into riotgames\league of legends\game\data

after this you should be good to go :D

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