Teemo - The insane

Teemo - The insane

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After playing with Teemo several times and reading the story behind him i realized the true face of this little hero, behind his cute smile and soft fur there is his his true nature.
So i got caught by inspiration and leaded mysef in my first attempt to do a skin and let you see how i see him, to reveal you the true evil in his heart.

The skin have also a themed loadscreen and a nice noxious trap

Enjoy and let me know if you like it :P

V2: My friend told me to add the portraits too so there they are in the V2 but i don't know when the server will update the download

V3: Added the non biohazard trap, i didn't saved the trap's psd so i only retouched it even if is not perfect i'm hoping you still like it

the new patcher screwed up the old way to put in the custom skins but do not fear, itzwarty found a method to solve this, follow up his step to step guide and enjoy your custom skins until an easier way is found


This should still be needed so ill'leave it there

For those who appreciated the skin i decided to share the original wallpaper of this skin :) Enjoy


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