Ivy, Flora's Poisonous Queen

Ivy, Flora's Poisonous Queen

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Greetings Summoners,
time for another skin from Lighane. Now please welcome a new champion to the arena, Poison Ivy, the sexiest enemy of Batman since Catwoman!
After being bored of hunting the black guy with his cape, Ivy just wanted some fun. And what could be better for having fun than a tournament like the League of Legends? Hold you breath when Poison Ivy sneaks up her enemies and shows them a straight way to hell in no time! Just looking at her stuns other champions and noone is a match for her.

Along with this Evelynn-skin comes a Loadscreen and ingame square- and circle-pictures.

To use this skin simply put the Evelynn-folder into you League of Legends-character-folder.

Please rate, comment and download this skin as you wish!
See ya soon, Summoners...

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Submitted by Skeld

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