Janna, Lineage's Dark Elf

Janna, Lineage's Dark Elf

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Greetings Summoners,
here is another skin from user Lighane. This skin was a request from user Miccighel - she hopes you will love this Dark Elf. And now please welcome this game-crossover-character to the League of Legends: Janna, The Dark Elf From Lineage.
This hot race shows off her spells in an epic mmo, but that is not enough: They want to conquer the League of Legends! Do you think anyone can stop this grey devil? Enemys will run in fear when Janna summons huge Storms and calls upon her dark side to defeat them!

Along with this skin comes a LoadScreen and ingame square and circle pictures.

To use this skin simply put the Janna-folder into your League of Legends-characters-folder.

Please rate, comment and download this skin as you wish!

We look forward to see you soon, fellow Summoners...

[EDIT] Now there is a red hair version too, just choose the hair type you prefer!

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