Death Knight Garen (Updated 20.09)

Death Knight Garen (Updated 20.09)

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Warcraft universe inspired death knight skin for Garen, the Might of Demacia.

Updated to version 0.4b on 20.09.2010

- added some detail (including curves) to the sword
- added depth to the belt
- replaced the shoulder skulls with another steel stud to reduce the amount of skull shaped things in the design
- redesigned the long cloak: Death Knight Garen now has a torn cloak on his back
- redesigned the other back cloth: it now bears the icon of the Scourge originally designed by Samwise Didier

Updated to version 0.3b on 31.08.2010

- added a skin specific load screen image for the Death Knight Garen

Updated to version 0.2b on 30.08.2010

- added CUSTOM PARTICLES for (nearly) everything: they come in two packages, essentials and full - read below
- changed boots to a more detailed version
- fixed a color glitch

Install instructions:

New launcher and new file management system! Learn how to install custom skins at

Copy the and rename it to match the appropriate skin you want to replace ingame. The file names are: for the default, free Garen skin for the sanguine Garen skin for the desert trooper Garen skin

Unpack the Rename the file to match the skin you replaced earlier. The file names are: if you replaced the default Garen if you replaced the sanguine Garen if you replaced the desert trooper Garen

Unpack either the Garen_Particles_essentials or Garen_Particles_full to install the custom particles. The essentials pack only includes particles only used by Garen, while installing the full pack may replace some minor particles used by other champions as well (like Katrina's speed buff decal).

What you get with Garen_Particles_essentials:

- recolored Judgment bladestorm with old, golden yellow decals
- remade Garen specific ability decals (Decisive Strike, Courage, Demacian Justice)

What you get with Garen_Particles_full:

- recolored Judgment bladestorm with matching decals
- remade Garen specific ability decals (Decisive Strike, Courage, Demacian Justice)
- recolored buff decals for things like weapon glow, ability activation, Garen's passive health regen (Perseverance)

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