Alicia, The Bullet Witch

Alicia, The Bullet Witch

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Greetings Summoners,
time for another skin from Lighane. Please welcome a new champion to the arena: Alicia, The Bullet Witch. This sexy witch shows off her skills in the arena. Sadly there were restrictions on her huge gun, so she is just allowed to use her little daggers. But does a witch care? No!
Porting, dashing and slicing through the hordes of enemies Alicia shows no mercy at all and is in the mood for a bloodbath.

Along with this skin comes a LoadScreen and ingame-square and circle-pictures.

To enjoy using this skin put the unzipped Katharina-folder in your League of Legends-characters folder and start throwing knives at your pitifull enemies!

Please comment, rate and download this skin as you wish!
See ya soon, Summoners...

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Submitted by Skeld

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