Forest-Child Riven

Forest-Child Riven

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A recolour of "Redeemed Riven" to make her look much better. It's a skin I did for myself and wasn't going to upload originally (Hence the strange mask she's wearing. It's based on an actual mask I made myself years ago, in art college) I've had this skin for such a long time and after seeing redeemed Riven's vanilla look yesterday, I realised how terrible it looked compared to this one. Share the wealth, I figured. So here you go!

Includes Loadscreen as seen in image above, if you don't want it then remove it from the .zip before installation.

Side note: You can barely even see the mask in-game when playing due to the angle so if you don't like it, don't let it discourage you. It simply looks like her face is in shadow from her hood. You should be moving too fast as Riven to even notice it anyway but if asked, I will gladly re-upload the skin with her usual face. Just drop me a comment and as always, skin requests welcome.

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