Nethermancer Ezreal

Nethermancer Ezreal

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Ezreal has undergone many a nerf over the last number of patches, and I've seen a rise in popularity surrounding the AD Ezreal builds. To suit that playstyle, I wanted to make a skin that gave him a more intimidating and physical presence on the field, and came up with this!
Once again, I managed to persuade Bitterbug to make me the character art, and even though it took a little longer than expected, it was worth the wait.

Included in the archive are air assets. These images replace the original Ezreal images in the air client, making it a more complete replacement mod. If you don't want to overwrite your current Ezreal splash screen and icons for air, there are instructions included on how to exclude them.

The full character art can be found here:

Optional Particles preview:

Download the Optional Particles here:

Installation instructions included.

Why are the particles optional? Because Ezreal's spell effects share particles with other champions. I've done my best to make it as conflict free as possible, but some effects will look slightly different on other champions such as Ryze and Soraka, among others.

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